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Juggernaut tactical rogue bullpup chassis system...Same barrel length and, same accuracy as full sized M1A in compact, capt. nick with any questions  at 415-308-6140

We carry bullet button magazine releases and grip shrouds to ensure your Rogue M1A is California-legal. Left side charging handle also available.

Bellum Tactical Design Group

Creators of Tools for the Global Warrior

Distributors of the Juggernaut Tactical Rogue chassis system for M1A/M14 rifles

Call Captain Nick at 415-308-6140 or e-mail us at


The Juggermount Mini-Red Dot mount shown below
BTDG is the California distributor of the revolutionary Juggernaut Tactical Rogue chassis system for $999, which includes free left-side charging handle and FREE SHIPPING. Taxes (where applicable) and optional insurance extra (Barreled action, optics and other accessories not included!) Retail price direct from Juggernaut Tactical is usually $1,350.00 plus shipping.)  
Tan or black. 
New Product: The Juggermount. This precision machined mount allows you to install many popular Mini Red Dot (MRD) sights to ANY scope. Now, you can go from right-eye long range scope sighting to close quarters combat red dot by only opening your left eye, or opening both eyes. No loss of cheek weld by moving your head waaaaaay up or tilting your rifle on an angle to engage a close range threat with an above-the-scope MRD. Available for 1", 30mm and 34mm scopes. Introductory price: $115 plus shipping and CA sales tax if you live here :-/
22" barreled M1A .308 in typical sniper stock vs 22" barreled M1A .308 in Juggernaut Rogue chassis system
M1A in Rogue chassis with 1X4 scope
M1A in Rogue chassis with forward vertical grip and red dot optic 

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